The Battle of Sangheilos the battle between the Servants of Abiding Truth and Thel Vadam's forces.


Thel Vadam arrived on Sangheilos, making Avu Med Telcam and Kras Stranamee very angry. Kras stranamee immediately joined The Servants of Abiding Truth, to raise very high in the ranks very quickly. When Avu Telcam and Kras took their best troops to Arbiter's main base. The second in command of Thel, Skrousel Jacyutee, encountered Kras and Avu Telcam in the courtyard of the base, Kras killed Avu Med Telcam. Having taken control of The Servants of Abiding Truth, Kras and his forces charged at Skrousel and his forces, Kras

Kras and Skrousel

Kras parrying with Skrousel.

took Skrousel while Sangheili took Sangheili. Evantually, Kras took the higher power of 

the battle. But Thel's other commander, Rtas Vadum, showed up with reinforcements. Kras and Rtas fought more, but Skrousel helped Rtas finish Kras. Finally, Kras got away in a banshee, and then he sent a lance of Ultras led by a Zealot to destroy them. It was a tough fight, but Rtas managed to slay the Zealot. Yet Rtas was overrun by Ultras and taken to a cell in the Servants of Abiding Truth base, now Kras' base. Yet Thel Vadam himself went with a legion of troops to free him. When Thel and his troops got to the base, they found it abandoned, but hey did find Rtas' cell in the center of the throne room. There was also a bomb in Rtas' cell, yet they manged to escape. Thel told Rtas and Skrousel to attack Kras' new base whil he got more reinforcements.