Braeden is the son of Tim.

Vital statistics
Position UNSC Hero
Age 29
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6.9"
Weight 187 pounds


When Huy Yousyree took down Tim and his UNSC soldiers. Everybody thought hope was lost, but Tim and his wife actually had a son named Braeden. Braeden took Tim's place as hero of Leopard Team and won many medals serving in the UNSC. As Master Chief killed the Didact, Braeden killed a legendary Promethean Knight named Sirombus. And he also helped Chief take out Jul Mdama. He killed many Jiralhanae and Sangheili on Lord Hood's Battlecruiser, but was overpowered by Kras Stranamee. Braeden launched an escape pod down into Halo, where he finally reunited with Leopard Team. But what will Braeden do when The Council of Three Generals attacks Halo?