Huy Yousyree
Some attributes
First Commander of Trilus' army
Second Only Gold Ultra
Third Antagonist
Other attributes

Huy Yousyree was the leader of the ground forces on the Invasion of Halo. OUTDATED INFO!!


Huy Yousyree first kills Braeden's Father: Tim, in Leopard Team's First base. He then leads his forces against all of Leopard Team. Leopard Team's first commander Danny: Yates and Thomas' father is gunned down in the ONI courtyard by elites, James' father: Bill is resisting against the Brutes sent to attack him, but is then killed by Rime Zimbabree.

Armor & WeaponsEdit

Armor: Ultra

Primary Color: Gold

Secondary Color: Gold

Primary Weapon: Energy Sword

Secondary Weapon: Concussion Rifle

Force: Spartan's Death

Reason of Nobility: Responsible for deaths of First Leopard Team