Jouyum Grilifilee

Duel wielding plasma rifles.

Let them fall into the ocean, let their blood replace the water that flows peacefully, letting survivors of the ray know that my reign will give them a certain dark and clouded fate.

Jouyum Grilifilee is a Sangheili Shipmaster in Trilus LuGhramee's invasion on Halo.

Commanding LifeEdit

Jouyum Grilifilee is a very noble Sangheili thats invading Halo. All the Sangheili in Trilus LuGhramee's army think that Jouyum should be leader. Trilus LuGhramee has never realized all his nobility, but Huy Yousyree has, but Huy is 2nd  in command and he wants it to stay that way.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

Armor: Minor

Primary Color: White

Secondary Color: White

Primary Weapons: Black Energy Sword: Azarac , Golden Gravity Hammer: Stayomuous

Secondary Weapon: Focus Rifle

Armor Ability: Active Camo

Rank: Shipmaster

Ship: Bloody Destruction

Reason of Nobility: ?????