Kras Stranamee is an Elite General and member of The Council of Three Generals.

Kras Stranamee
Kras Stranamee (real)
At night, charging.
Some attributes
First Black General
Second Most powerful in Council of Three Generals
Third Skilled Sniper
Other attributes


Kras Stranamee was the leader of the Fleet of Social Religion. He was an extremely strong warrior, but did not prefer the energy sword, like most Sangheili. He was one of the most strong warriors in the Covenant with the focus rifle. Yet, he still was extremely skilled with the energy sword; but he only used it for battles that would determine a great fate. During the Great Scism, he had the great UNSC Captain: Lord Hood, at his feet, armed with a sword, Kras was getting ready to incapacitate him, but a Jiralhanae appeared behind him and knocked him off the railing. With quick thinking, Lord Hood took the sword from Kras as he fell, and used it to kill all the Jiralhanae, Kras took his escape pod to the planet of Sangheilios. Where he lived peacefully for many years, when the Arbiter arrived on Sangheilios, he immediately joined the Servants of Abiding Truth, starting the Battle of Sangheilos, but when Thel Vadum and his forces finally beat Avu Med Telcam (leader of the Servants of Abiding Truth). Kras was so outraged he began a terrible event called the The Purge on Sangheilos; after that he had Thel Vadum imprisoned. But then his old enemy Lord Hood showed up and freed the Arbiter. But then Trilus LuGhramee appeared and recruited him for the Council of Three Generals.