Myan Krolatree is a member of The Council of Three Generals

Myan Krolatree
Myan Krolatree
Some attributes
First Member of The Council of Three Generals
Second Extremely Skilled
Third General Armor
Other attributes


Myan Krolatree was a Sangheili General in the Covenant. He was an extremely strong warrior, and was able to beat even higher ranks in his army in head to head energy sword battles. He went into hiding when The Great Schism happened and after John 117 vanquished both the Covenant and the Forerunners. After that he became a wandering traveler, he had one weapon: an energy sword. He then became very rich and famous from winning many sword duels. After he had more than a trillion dollars, he retired, still at a young age, Trilus LuGhramee came and recruited his old friend for The Council of Three Generals.

Armor & WeaponsEdit

Primary Color: White

Secondary Color: Gold

Primary Weapon: Energy Sword

Secondary Weapon: Concussion Rifle

Armor: General

Reason of Nobility: Great sword fighter; trillionaire.

Fleet:Darkness Abided