Sirombus, second in command Jul' Mdama.

Feel the wrath of the Forerunner!


Sirombus was the second in command of The Didact. After John-117 killed The Didact, Sirombus became the second in command of Jul' Mdama, at the time, he was stationed at Ragnarok. He began to send Promethean Knights to the UNSC Hephaestus, but, the commander of Hephaestus set Braeden, who was currently under his command, on Sirombus' tower. Sirombus began to make copies of himself to trick and overwhelm Braeden, he also used the multiple powers of Promethean defense turrets, Watchers, and Crawlers, to end the ife of Braeden. Yet Braeden was able to defeat the Turrets, Crawlers, and Watchers. He still had Promethean Lancer and 6 copies of Sirombus to deal with. Luckily, he killed one of Sirombus' copies and took the Scattershot it had to destroy the Lancer. But Sirombus' copies put up a fight, they used their Scattershots to push Braeden away, then one would shoot at him with a BInary Rifle. Braeden neutralized the copy with the BInary Rifle and used it to take out the rest of Sirombus' copies. He then took the Scattershot and had a duel with Sirombus, whenever Braeden shot, Sirombus teleported but finally, Braeden got a lucky shot on Sirombus and killed him. Braeden then activated the Forerunner Construct in Sirombus' tower and ended the great power of Sirombus and his armies.

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