Thomas is Yates' brother and the commander of Leopard Team. His father is Danny.

Commander Thomas
Vital statistics
Position Commander of Leopard Team.
Age 37
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 8 2"
Weight 170lb


As a kid, Thomas was brutallt pushed into the center of the war by the UNSC recruiters, yet Thomas refused to do anything on the battle. ONI and UNSC officials tried to explain to him that the Sangheili wanted to destroy all of humanity. Still, Thomas refused to fight, so they sent him on a suicide mission with 3 criminals that were punished in this way because the UNSC could not have any dimwit Spartan. The Suicide mission was to ambush the ship of the famed elite commander, Jouyum Grilifilee, his task was to destroy Jouyum's ship, The Bloody Destruction. Yet when Thomas and the criminals arrived, The Bloody Destruction had taken off, but apparently, Jouyum saw them and left one of his FieldMasters, Ghram Grestramee, behind. The elites destroyed the rest of Thomas' team, but Thomas resisted and killed the numerous elites. Finally, Thomas stood face to face with Ghram Grestramee. But Ghram congratulated him for being a "worthy" warrior and spared him, saying he would kill him the next time they met. Ghram then left in a Phantom. From this fight, Thomas learned the value of defending his race and was rewarded for his victory. He now has the great privilege of commanding Leopard Team.