Trilus LuGhramee

Trilus LuGhramee is the leader of the Sangheili invading Halo.


First he formed a council, like the old Covenant's high council, except his only had three Sangheili in it, consisting of: himself, Myan Krolatree, and Kras Stranamee. Then he formed an army of ruthless Sangheili to assist him, he made his captain Huy Yousyree, But Huy wasn't as high ranking as anybody in The Council of Three Generals. He then attempted to retake Reach, but his plans were thwarted by the First Leopard Team. Still having alot of his army left, he attempted to take over Halo. He had Huy Yousyree and Rime Zimbabree attack Halo, their mission was simple, destroy the First Leopard Team. Huy and Rime suceeded, but what they did not realize was that the children of the First Leopard Team were alive...

Armor & WeaponsEdit

Armor: General

Primary Color: Gold

Secondary Color: Gold

Primary Weapon: Energy Sword

Secondary Weapon: ??????

Reason of Nobility: Lead's his dark and evil forces.