The UNSC soldiers were the core army of the UNSC in the Leopard Team series, there army different variants and these will be in order from rank to rank. 

Normal SoldierEdit

UNSC Soldier
UNSC Commander
The Normal Soldiers were the most in number, but still at the default rank in the army.

Armor: Mark V    Colors: Brown    Weapon: Assault Rifle


The Commanders were the second rank a soldier can receive in the UNSC. They can give normal soldiers orders and sport CQC armor instead of Mark V.

Armor: Mark V    Colors: Brown    Weapon: DMR

 Air AssaultEdit

UNSC Air Assault
The Air Assault Soldiers could use jet packs to "fly" if they needed to. These Soldiers are vitally important in anti gravity situations. Such as invading a Sangheili Battlecruiser or jet-packing from behind walls to make surprise attack.

Armor: Air Assault  Colors: Brown  Weapons: DMR, Assault Rifle.


UNSC Security

The Security Soldiers are not necessarily a higher rank, but more of a additional rank. The Security Soldiers were the ones responsible for any UNSC stronghold, prison, etc to be secure. You will not see them in the UNSC army but patrolling Leopard Base and the High UNSC Offices. 

Armor: Security     Colors: Red and Blue   Weapon: DMR


The granadiers were a special unit in the UNSC.